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Pregnancy Complications

Ectopic Pregnancy

Pregnancy is an amazing occurrence and while many people take the whole process for granted, assuming that they will have a beautiful baby at the end of their 40 week pregnancy, it’s not always that cut and dry. Some women become pregnant but it is not a viable pregnancy because …
Pregnancy Complications

Pregnancy Anemia

Many women start feeling drowsy and at a need for energy during pregnancy. In a lot of cases, these symptoms are associated with a disease known as pregnancy anemia. Fortunately, while pregnancy anemia may generate unwanted and harmful effects, it is completely treatable. Therefore, those suffering from pregnancy anemia should …
Pregnancy Complications

Gestational Diabetes in Pregnancy

An estimated 4 percent of pregnant women develop diabetes during pregnancy, which is called gestational diabetes. It is one of the most common complications of pregnancy, occurring in 3 to 8 in 100 pregnancies or 135,000 women in the United States. Tests for gestational diabetes are usually done in the …