Labor and Birth

Birthing Options

It’s one of the most important moments of your life. Your baby is getting ready to come into the world. So, how will they present themselves? There are many options for your baby’s birth these days.

The time is finally here. Your baby will be born in a few weeks and you have prepared everything – except how you will birth them. Today, women can take charge of their own body and their baby and decide for themselves how the experience will turn out.


Hospital – Most women give birth in the hospital with a physician. It offers quality medical care for every eventuality and risk of pregnancy.
Birthing Center – Usually staffed by midwives, a birthing center is usually near a hospital or even within one. A physician is also on call in case more advanced medical care is needed. The entire family is allowed to be involved in the blessed event. The woman decides who she wants in the birthing room. Patients are screened for serious complications that would necessitate a hospital birth.
Home – At one time, that was the place where most children were born. A physician was called once the baby was born and mother and child were transported to the hospital to get checked out. Midwives usually attended unless it was a high-risk pregnancy.


Natural – This refers to giving birth vaginally without any form of drugs. Relaxation and breathing methods like Lamaze and McMoyler are used to keep mom stress-free and keep the pain at a level that she can manage while getting rest if labor is long.
Water – Many women are trending towards giving birth under water in a warm bath. The water can help with pain as well as stress. Baby can still be monitored for any signs of distress.
Epidural – This is the medication most often heard about when it comes to pain management during pregnancy. A catheter is inserted in the epidural space so that a combination of narcotics and analgesic medications can be administered. The pain of contractions is virtually eliminated so mom can sleep and relax while she waits for the baby to be born.
Cesarean section – When the need arises, the physician may need to remove the baby through your abdomen. An epidural can also be used during this procedure so that the mother can stay wake and alert as her baby is being born. General anesthesia usually poses too many risks for the mother and child.

Discuss all of your options with your partner and then your medical care provider. Most insurance companies cover the different choices for birth. With advances in medicine, you can now choose how you want to deliver your newest family member into the world.

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